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Making Nebraska stand a little taller, one spine at a time.

Welcome to Optimal Health Chiropractic, located in David City and Schuyler Nebraska! Here, we know that chiropractic health is not just about good posture: it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s about prolonging the simple joys of being active with your family cultivating vitality! Our mission is to help our patients accomplish these goals in a caring, effective, and efficient way.

We aim to educate our patients in a comfortable environment while offering them necessary comprehensive care. By combining the latest technology with traditional techniques, we give our patients the best care in the county.


Steven Saalfeld, D.C. and Katie Saalfeld, D.C.

Dr. Steven Saalfeld grew up in David City. He discovered his passion for chiropractic after pursuing an education in health sciences. He was fascinated by philosophy of mind and body wellness. In 2016 he earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer College's School of Chiropractic. He specializes in full family comprehensive care and enjoys the fulfillment of enriching his community and seeing his patients thrive. During his spare time, he enjoys hunting and spending time with his wife, Katie.

Dr. Katie Saalfeld grew up in Fremont, Nebraska. She discovered the many benefits of chiropractic care after a lower back injury lifting weights while she was attending Midland University. Dr. Katie immediately fell in love with chiropractic and how it encompassed total health involving nutrition and exercise. She graduated in 2017 from the Fountainhead of chiropractic schools, Palmer College. Dr. Saalfeld enjoys treating patients of all ages and treats all of her patients with a well rounded approach to health through coaching on nutrition, exercise, posture, and stress reduction. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with their three dachshunds and preparing for the arrival of their triplets!